Arrival services
Arrival services for seamless relocations to the Netherlands

Just relocated to the Netherlands? We know you probably want to settle in as quickly as possible. While the Netherlands is a very expat-friendly country, you may be faced with a few difficulties upon your arrival.


This is where our Netherlands Arrival Services come into play. From house finding support to finding a school for your children or opening a bank account as a foreigner, we can help you with everything you need.


You don’t have to be fluent in Dutch or navigate the legal and administrative maze on your own. Our local relocation experts can turn your arrival in the Netherlands into a seamless, stress-free experience.

Who can use our Arrival Services in the Netherlands?

Our Arrival Services are created for your peace of mind. You can start focusing on your new assignment as soon as you arrive in the Netherlands. We’ll take care of the nitty-gritty of day-to-day life for you.


Furniture rental, house rentals in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam, and other Dutch cities, utilities and telecom contracts – all of these and many more can be handled by our local relocation experts in the Netherlands.


Not sure if Packimpex Arrival Services are right for you? Here’s a handy checklist:


You’re hiring global talent and relocating them to the Netherlands and you want to offer them a quick settling-in experience.

Your team’s core competency is not relocation and you don’t have the capacity to help your transferees with settling in and answering all their questions about everyday life in the Netherlands.

You’re moving to the Netherlands from overseas on your own and you want as many things as possible handled for you.

It’s your first time accepting a global assignment in the Netherlands and you don’t know much about life here.

You want to eliminate all the stress that’s typically associated with moving overseas.

You need help with renting a property in the Netherlands (for short or long term) and you are concerned about the fast-paced, competitive Dutch real estate market.

You want to get settled in as quickly as possible (or have your transferees settled in quickly).


Do any of the above apply to you? If so, get in touch with our local relocation experts and arrange a free call to learn more about our Arrival Services in the Netherlands.

What does the Arrival Services package include?

Our Arrival Services in the Netherlands are designed to offer you everything you need to settle in comfortably and stress-free. Since every move overseas is unique, they have a modular structure, so you can choose the services you need without having to pay for the entire package.


Here’s what you can opt for:

Pre-Arrival Orientation Tour

Learn everything you need to know before landing in the Netherlands


Our Pre-Arrival Orientation Tours can help your candidates or assignees get a realistic picture of life in the Netherlands before accepting an assignment. They can help your assignees make the right decision and ensure that the talent you hire will stay with your company for years to come.


We can offer your assignees a positive, yet realistic overview of Dutch life and address all their concerns or questions.

Home Finding in the Netherlands

Get the house you need with no hassle!


Finding a house in the Netherlands is complicated for newcomers to the country. You might spend weeks or months looking for a home and filling in countless applications.


Through our Arrival Services in the Netherlands you can move as soon as you land here. Our local network allows us access to a lot of homes for rent in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, The Hague, Rotterdam, Groningen and other Dutch towns and cities – sometimes even before they are listed online.


We can arrange for in-person or remote video tours, so you can move into your new home quickly.

Temporary Accommodation in the Netherlands

For when you need a short-term rental with controlled expenses and zero stress


Moving to the Netherlands for a short assignment? Do you need a temporary housing solution until your long-term home is ready for you to move in?


Packimpex can help you find serviced furnished houses and apartments through our extensive local network. The short-term accommodation solutions provided by Packimpex in the Netherlands come with predictable costs and adhere to your corporate standards and your deadlines.

Furniture Rental

The comfort you deserve without a massive initial investment


Not sure how long you will be in the Netherlands for? Or perhaps you simply don’t want to start your life here with a massive expenditure?


Our Furniture Rental service is the solution for getting you settled in quickly and comfortably without overspending. You will have a fully furnished home that you can enjoy from day one – all without having to find the right places to buy furniture in the Netherlands, have it delivered and installed, or even build it yourself.


All our furniture is top-quality, designed to last and to fit any style.

4 reasons to use Packimpex’s Arrival Services in the Netherlands

Are our Arrival Services in the Netherlands right for you? Here’s what the Packimpex clients who used them loved about them:


100% customisable: choose all the services above or just one – it’s entirely up to you. We’re here to offer the support you need for your relocation to the Netherlands, with zero pressure.

You can forget about bureaucratic mazes: not sure how to go about opening a bank account or signing a rental contract? You don’t have to! Our local experts can handle everything related to your move to the Netherlands for you.

Zero unwanted surprises: worried you’ll pay too much for your home in the Netherlands or in bank commissions because you don’t know the local market well? We’re the experts! And we’re happy to shelter you from unwanted surprises.

Forego house hunting and skip to home enjoying: the Netherlands has a tight housing market, which makes it hard to find the right place, especially as an expat here. With a local expert at your side, things are completely different. We’ll guide you through the application process to increase your chances of being accepted and even help you negotiate.


Want to relocate to the Netherlands with zero stress? Talk to our local relocation experts to learn how our arrival services can help you!

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