Case study: Out of the box thinking to secure ideal housing

A few months ago one of our consultants helped a client who came from the USA to live in Zurich, Switzerland.


The family had two children. We had to organise the school for the kids and the housing tour to ensure the family had a suitable place to live. We obviously had to do that in a very short time frame.


We all went on the housing tour and saw a fantastic property. It was so close to the school that the kids would be able to go to school by bike. There was one issue, actually two issues. The tiling in the bathroom was yellow from age, and the kitchen was very dark, straight out of the 1970s, very old-fashioned.


The client said that we’d have to do something about that. We thought about what would be possible, what could we do to get the best for our client and to ensure they really love the property we found for them.


So we contacted the owner and asked if they would be willing to renovate the kitchen and the bathroom. We showed the opportunities to the owner, for example that they could raise the rent a little if they did so, and that the client would be more likely to stay longer in the property because it would be really modern. And also that there are tax advantages for the owner – when you invest in a property in that jurisdiction, you get some tax back.


Our family from the USA took some time to think about it too, and then they agreed to the idea, in fact they thought it was an awesome idea. We confirmed the renovation to the property owner, and organised a large temporary home for our client, which Packimpex furnished as well using our own in-house rental furniture range.


Most importantly, the children could go straight to school, and everything worked out well for the client family as they moved from the USA to Europe.


The coolest thing is that when we accompanied our client to get the keys and move into the property, we saw how happy the owner was, we saw how happy our client was, and our client could really see the difference between that old dark kitchen and yellow bathroom – now everything was all super modern and nice. Our customer was really pleased, there was a true spark in their eyes.


This was really a great story that I had the pleasure to experience with one of my clients.


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